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Silver Guitar Pick [Model S]

Silver Guitar Pick [Model S]

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Custom Engraving

Give your music a sound as unique as your soul with our Sterling Silver 925°°° plectrum. There was a reason that for century's silver was the metal of choice for fine musical instruments. Nothing else can compare to the beautiful, rich tones and subtle nuances that can only come from this noble metal.

Thanks to its smooth hand polished finish, these plectrums deliver unparalleled touch and feel. The trapezoidal hole increases finger contact allowing you to produce the subtlest of harmonics anywhere on the neck and at the same time provides you with the sure grip that you need to rip through speed riffs and smash power cords.

If you have ever dreamed of having one pick that enabled you to play any style of music on any guitar and would last you a lifetime, then you have found it. Order your Lethal Weapon Sterling Silver Pick today. It is a guaranteed killer.


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Music with an edge like no other

  • Make Bright & Loud Music

    You get a sharper, more defined sound compared to plastic picks and fingering techniques. 

  • Play Fast Picked Notes

    Unlock unique sounds and precision techniques that can only be done with a precious metal plectrum.

  • Save Your Fingertips

    Play for longer, even with rapid strumming on steel strings, without damaging your fingers.

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