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Gold Guitar Pick

Gold Guitar Pick

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Meet the pick that puts the grrrr in grunge and makes metal heavy. Constructed of a special brass alloy and then gold plated to give it bling value and longevity The Lethal Weapon Gold Pick is designed with one thought in mind: attack, attack, attack.

Sized and created with the profile most appreciated by guitarist of all types this pick is easy to palm off when you need to switch to finger style picking, but where it really shines is when you slip it between your fingers. The trapezoidal design is highly maneuverable and provides a slip-proof grip making it easy to execute speed riffs, produce clean, clear harmonics in any position on the guitar neck, and dig in deep when you want that hard-edged sound.

Just being honest, if you are in love with the soft shading of tones, you would be much better off with our Sterling Silver Pick but if you have metal in your veins and want every note crystal clear and razor-edged, then this is the pick for you.

Order your Lethal Weapon Gold Pick today and blitz through your next gig like a tank on crank.

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Music with an edge like no other

  • Make Bright & Loud Music

    You get a sharper, more defined sound compared to plastic picks and fingering techniques. 

  • Play Fast Picked Notes

    Unlock unique sounds and precision techniques that can only be done with a precious metal plectrum.

  • Save Your Fingertips

    Play for longer, even with rapid strumming on steel strings, without damaging your fingers.

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