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In designing our Silver and Gold Lethal Weapon series of plectrums, we identified five key aspects that make up the perfect guitar pick and while perfection may only be a dream, we feel we have gotten pretty close.


Better Sound Quality

No matter your style of play or what genre of music you love, it all comes down to sound quality. Our picks deliver a fuller, richer sound on the 4th, 5th, and 6th Strings to fill in the midrange and strengthen the lows while providing sparklingly clean highs from 1-3. This means you can all but rip the Gain Knob off your amp. You won't need it, even playing with a full band.

High Sensitivity and Control

It is a no-brainer that you can't make people feel the music if you can't feel the strings. The trapezoidal openings in our plectrums not only provide you with a sure grip for unmatched control, its added contact area provides you with a degree of sensitivity you have never even dreamed of. From soul wrenching soft caresses to ear-splitting power attacks, you will live every note you play.

Easy to Use and Hold

Have you ever missed a string or hit a harsh note because your pick was out of position or slipped because it had become slick with sweat?
That is all a thing of the past with the Lethal Weapon Plectrums. Once you become accustomed to their feel between your fingers, they will become a natural extension of your hand and holding it correctly, will be as natural as scratching your nose. Rather than becoming slick, like other pick materials, our Nobel metal plectrums will rise to your body temperature and not cause contact sweating, so your grip stays sure and natural.

High Swap Speed

Another byproduct of the natural feel you will develop with our picks is that you will be able to swap between playing finger style and using your pick like never before. Its dimensions are perfect for palming and when you drop it back into your fingers it will naturally settle into place, letting you jam on without missing a beat.

Help You Deliver Your Best Performance

A Sterling Silver Pick gives a unique, full and beaming sound, very different from others Plectrums. The Nobel Metal, 925°°° Sterling Silver "Caresses" the guitar strings without creating shock. You can play "Fast & Furious" with a manic attack, if that is your style or create a "Smooth & Beaming" sound by gently caressing the guitar strings. It is completely up to you, with a Lethal Weapon pick.

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