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It's clear, the Leathal Weapon Pick will give your music an edge like no other. Expertly crafted from precious metals, you'll play with a clean and crisp sound for longer. You'll love to keep this pick close to your heart on its leather cord.


Make Bright &
Loud Music

You get a sharper, more defined sound compared to plastic picks and fingering techniques. 


Play Fast
Picked Notes

Unlock unique sounds and precision techniques that can only be done with a precious metal plectrum.


Save Your

Play for longer, even with rapid strumming on steel strings, without damaging your fingers.


Produce A
Stand-Out Sound

Dare to be different with a FrancoPro pick. Deliver unrivaled quality sound that others will envy.

Hear the legendary musical veteran
Andrea Braido
with the leathal weapon pick

Top Quality

Designed in

Next Day

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Lethal Weapon Silver
(premium box)

€40 (Free Worldwide delivery)

Give your music a sound as unique as your soul with our Sterling Silver 925°°° plectrum.
With greater control, nothing compares to the rich tones and subtle nuances of this noble metal.
The premium box set includes:

◆ Solid Sterling Silver 925°°° pick;
◆ Metal presentation box;
◆ Two leather neck/bracelet cord (black&brown)

Lethal Weapon Gold
(premium box)

€ 30 (Free Worldwide delivery)

Experience the adrenaline from playing with one of the finest picks ever produced.
More than glittering gold, this pick delivers powerful sound, even in the presence of a band.
The premium box set includes:

◆ Solid brass core pick with 18kt gold-plating;
◆ Metal presentation box;
◆ Two leather neck/bracelet cords (black&brown)

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Frequently asked questions

With quality that lasts, our picks make amazing gifts. So, for the ultimate personalisation we offer engraved messages. Choose any combination of letters, characters and numbers up to 12 spaces and we will engrave them into your pick. Choose a unique message, a name and date, your band's name or anything you can imagine. For further information contact us at

With processing times included:
◆ Domestic orders (Italy) are delivered in 3-5 days;
◆ International orders are delivered in 8-12 days.

Both picks will amaze; however, different precious metals provide unique sounds. If you love the soft shading of tones, you will have greater control with our Lethal Weapon Silver. For a crystal clear and razor-edged sound perfect for metal, then the Lethal Weapon Gold is the pick for you.

Contact us via email at or leave a message in our live chat and we will answer as soon as possible.

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